There are a number of important changes to MyHallWizard our customers need to know.

Subscription Prices

Since we introduced MyHallWizard almost two years ago, we have successfully kept our prices unchanged. However, like everyone else, we have encountered substantial cost increases, and regrettably, we need to adjust the prices accordingly.

Starting from 1 November 2023, our annual subscription will be $370 per year, and our monthly subscription will be $37 .  The fee for additional rooms will be increasing to $4.50/month each ($54/year).

This will not impact any subscriptions that have already been paid prior to this date. However, it will be applicable to new subscriptions and subscription renewals on or after this date.

Stripe integration – end of Beta

We are now satisfied that our Stripe integration has met the criteria we set to take this integration out of Beta.

During the Beta phase, we have not charged a platform fee for transactions.  However, as of 1 November 2023, a platform fee of 1% will be introduced for all transactions.  Unlike many of our competitors who impose additional monthly or annual fees for using Stripe, we have designed our pricing structure to be more cost-effective for most venues. This allows even our smallest customers to enjoy the benefits of online payments.

As a thank-you for taking part in the Beta exercise, existing users of the Stripe integration will receive a discount, reducing the platform fee to 0.6% on any transactions.  If you wish to take advantage of the this lower platform fee, please ensure you are fully signed up to use Stripe prior to the end of October.

Stripe’s standard processing fees continue to apply in addition to the platform fee.

Inspire Home Automation integration

Sadly, we are not in a position to continue to support our integration with Inspire Home Automation calendar thermostats, and we are ceasing to market this with immediate effect. However, you can still use our iCal feed to integrate with Inspire calendar thermostats. For venues that are already using our feed for Inspire, your feed will be migrated to an iCal feed.

Updated Terms and Conditions

We are updating Schedule 3 (Hosted Service particulars) to our Terms and Conditions in line with the above changes.

Your Right to Cancel

If you are not comfortable with these changes, you have the option to cancel your account with us by providing 7 days’ written notice via email to no later than October 24, 2023. If you choose to cancel your account following this procedure, we will be happy to refund any remaining portion of your subscription.

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